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When you think of favorites you have to wonder, what does that mean? Let's be honest, not everyone will have the same favorites, so why is Matt's opinion helpful?  Maybe because these are not his actual favorites.  If we chose those, we'd just pick black labels, after all, that's why he called them black labels.  So when we asked him to update his favorites bundle, he decided to pick the three coffees that he thought were most accessible and frankly the easiest to roast to perfection. Meaning, these coffees should be universally liked by all of our coffee roasters. So we're honestly hoping they're your favorites.

Coffees Included: 

Colombia La Estrella Gesha Gold Label:

Although a Gesha bean, this coffee has a significantly more smooth depth of flavor with an abnormally medium body (typically, Geshas have a very light body), which makes it stand almost on its own island of uniqueness. Deeply developed sugar sweetness blends seamlessly with light strawberry (almost strawberry leaf-like) notes and hibiscus floral touches. 

Guatemala El Zapote Y Anexos Diamond Reserve:

We were excited to participate in the Guatemala One-of-a-Kind Auction this year and targeted a few coffees. Our idea was to either split a lot with a couple of other roasters or if we got lucky, go for this entire lot. We got lucky! We were able to acquire the entirety of this lot so that you can have exclusive access to it from Sagebrush.

This coffee is a perfect authentic Guatemalan coffee. It is both smooth and chocolatey but also has hints of blueberries. We the cup cooled, we noted a clean finish like hibiscus. Speaking of which, this is one of the cleanest Guatemalan coffees we've ever offered. Cupping these Diamond Reserve auction lots, we understand what makes an auction coffee and at the price we were able to get this one, it is also very accessible.

Nicaragua Santa Teresa de Mogoton:

When we first sampled this lot, we were very impressed with how clean it is for this price point.  It has a rich and pleasantly bitter chocolate note throughout.  It finishes with a crisp note of almonds.  As it cools, we noted a sweetness like passionfruit that balances perfectly with the chocolate.  Overall this coffee has a strong body and isn't too fruity like many dry processed coffees.  If you're looking for a place to start your Sagebrush journey, this one is perfect.  If you love some of the Brazilian coffees we've had in the past, this one will exceed your expectations.  If you just like a good cup of coffee, this one is for you.

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