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Matt's Favorites • Sampler 3 Pack

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all coffees on this website are sold green



When you think of favorites you have to wonder, what does that mean? Let's be honest, not everyone will have the same favorites, so why is Matt's opinion helpful?  Maybe because these are not his actual favorites.  If we chose those, we'd just pick black labels, after all, that's why he called them black labels.  So when we asked him to update his favorites bundle, he decided to pick the three coffees that he thought were most accessible and frankly the easiest to roast to perfection. Meaning, these coffees should be universally liked by all of our coffee roasters. So we're honestly hoping they're your favorites.

Coffees Included: 

Lima Coffees • Washed from Peru:

strawberry - Strawberry brings in that fruited sweetness alongside a light, herbal essence. This coffee has a fairly juice body that is uncharacteristic of a coffee at this price point.

blossom honey - The smooth developed sweetness comes through with a touch of herbal floral notes that blossom honey really encapsulates as a note.

black tea - Bitterness often has a negative connotation, but black tea incorporates that “good” bitterness. Much like cocoa powder, this coffee ties a smooth dark nuance into the profile with tea-like bitterness. 

Finca Monteblanco • Co-Fermented Natural from Colombia:

coconut water - This coffee is wild! A co-ferment coffee implements specific ingredients into the fermentation tank. Because coconut was one of two of these ingredients, those particles obviously have made their way into these beans. A blend of savory sweet and smooth come together in a funky but interesting profile.

heavy cream - Often times we use heavy cream to simply describe the mouthfeel of a coffee, and although this coffee is indeed very smooth, heavy cream actually stands out as a buttery, silky, milky flavor note. 

white tea - This coffee is quite aromatic. The burst of tea-like smells have that smooth, light, and sweet notes that a traditional white tea has. 

Madrigal Family Farm • Natural Yellow Bourbon from Costa Rica:

kiwi - This coffee is a very tasty combination of fruited notes and sweetnesses. Kiwi has a tropical acidity that is a good mix of sweet and bright.

lemon - We also picked up a lot of perceived citrus acidity. Lemon is a nice tart-forward fruit that has a very aromatic sweetness. This cup has a very tasty, yet tart profile, which we love!

brown sugar - Another smooth sweet note shows up in this cup, which caters to the smooth acidity in a complex way.

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Matt's Favorites • Sampler 3 Pack
Matt's Favorites • Sampler 3 Pack Sale price$35.87 Regular price$39.85