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Christmas Favorites | Sampler 3 Pack

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Coming up with a unique gift idea can be a daunting task, but at Sagebrush, we understand and want to help. While socks and gift cards are great, why not surprise the roaster in your life with a gift of high-quality coffee? We know that choosing the right coffee can be overwhelming, so we've put together a gift bundle that features three of our favorite beans at Sagebrush! The coffees in this sampler pack have become current best-sellers and offer tasting notes that work well with a variety of brewing methods and palettes. This "Christmas Favorites" bundle is ideal for gifting, roasting for holiday parties, or simply treating yourself this season!

Coffees Included: 

Lima Coffees | Washed from Peru:

strawberry - Strawberry brings in that fruited sweetness alongside a light, herbal essence. This coffee has a fairly juice body that is uncharacteristic of a coffee at this price point.

blossom honey - The smooth developed sweetness comes through with a touch of herbal floral notes that blossom honey really encapsulates as a note.

black tea - Bitterness often has a negative connotation, but black tea incorporates that “good” bitterness. Much like cocoa powder, this coffee ties a smooth dark nuance into the profile with tea-like bitterness. 

Finca Cerro Azul | Anaerobic Bourbon from Mexico:

watermelon - Watermelon was an obvious choice for us on this one as this coffee had a lot of sweet juicy notes.  We also had to find a fruit to showcase the extreme sweetness in the cup.  This also helps explain the light mouthfeel this coffee has.  It is not a bold and rich coffee, but a sweet and juicy one.

pomegranate - We were looking for a fruit note that describes the tart acidity that we thought was very prominent in the cup and pomegranate was the perfect option.  

orange juice - if you haven’t noticed by now, this is a heavily fruited coffee with a lot of juice and citric acidity.  We were with OJ instead of oranges to point out that the bitterness is not overpowering, but still there.

Finca La Esperanza | Aurelio Villatoro's Pick Washed Caturra from Guatemala:

chocolate - Dark chocolate notes that are familiar in the terroir of Guatemala come through in this coffee. A deep, cocoa-like bitterness and boldness comes through wonderfully.

caramel - Developed sugar stands front and center in this coffee’s flavor profile. That burnt sugar taste is the note we were trying to get at with caramel.

cream - The idea behind the note of cream was in order to describe the mouthfeel. This cup boasts a particularly smooth profile overall.

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Christmas Favorites | Sampler 3 Pack
Christmas Favorites | Sampler 3 Pack Sale price$37.84 Regular price$42.03