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Matt’s Favorites | Sampler 3-Pack
Matt’s Favorites | Sampler 3-Pack
Matt’s Favorites | Sampler 3-Pack

Matt’s Favorites | Sampler 3-Pack

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When you think of favorites you have to wonder, what does that mean? Let's be honest, not everyone will have the same favorites, so why is Matt's opinion helpful?  Maybe because these are not his actual favorites.  If we chose those, we'd just pick black labels, after all, that's why he called then black labels.  So when we asked him to update his favorites bundle, he decided to pick the three coffees that he thought were most accessible and frankly the easiest to roast to perfection. Meaning, these coffees should be universally liked by all of our coffee roasters. So we're honestly hoping they're your favorites.

Coffees Included: 

Costa Rica La Alquimia SL-28 Yellow Honey Gold Label:

Among the table of coffees we cupped for dialing in flavor notes, this coffee was head and shoulders above the rest in uniqueness, especially in the body. This bean has such a  light and smooth mouthfeel, it’s classic SL28 acidity brings a much more subtle tang that pairs with the body extremely well. All our flavor notes point to a muted sweetness alongside a prominent water-like thinness.

Guatemala Finca Vista Hermosa Gold Label:

This coffee holds a special place in our hearts here at Sagebrush as it was the first farm we stayed at on our first origin trip! In March of 2022, Matt and Jonathan stayed two nights on-site at the Finca Vista Hermosa. In Spanish, that translates to “farm with a beautiful view,” and indeed it was. In the depths of rural Huehuetenango, this farm was a joy to stay in. So when we saw that their lot was available to buy from, we immediately hopped on the opportunity. Initially, our mentality was, “even if this coffee doesn’t necessarily compare directly to our other selections, the story alone will be a great educational opportunity.” Thankfully, we were very pleasantly surprised to cup this coffee and discover that it was super delicious! The smooth caramel-like sweetness and creaminess bit little pops of fruited sweetness make this coffee far from “decent.”

Papua New Guinea Kagamuga Natural:

We are super excited about this new lot from Papua New Guinea. We enjoyed the first crop so much that we had to get more, and because we got it early before prices went up, we can now price it as a Brown Label. This is, without a doubt, the cleanest PNG coffee we’ve ever cupped. With a very bright, juicy sweetness reminiscent of raspberry and tart candy followed by the underlying boldness of cocoa powder or dark chocolate, this coffee delivers a relatively standard coffee flavor profile in a deliciously smooth cup. 

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