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Matt’s Favorites | Sampler 3 Pack

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When you think of favorites you have to wonder, what does that mean? Let's be honest, not everyone will have the same favorites, so why is Matt's opinion helpful?  Maybe because these are not his actual favorites.  If we chose those, we'd just pick black labels, after all, that's why he called then black labels.  So when we asked him to update his favorites bundle, he decided to pick the three coffees that he thought were most accessible and frankly the easiest to roast to perfection. Meaning, these coffees should be universally liked by all of our coffee roasters. So we're honestly hoping they're your favorites.

Coffees Included: 

Colombia La Estrella Gesha Gold Label:

Although a Gesha bean, this coffee has a significantly more smooth depth of flavor with an abnormally medium body (typically, Geshas have a very light body), which makes it stand almost on its own island of uniqueness. Deeply developed sugar sweetness blends seamlessly with light strawberry (almost strawberry leaf-like) notes and hibiscus floral touches. 

Guatemala Guayabales Gold Label:

This Guatemalan coffee is an incredibly sweet nod to a traditional Guatemalan flavor profile with bits and pieces of unique acidity. First and foremost, you get an overwhelming milk chocolatey sweetness that coats your palate in the best way. Quickly afterward, you begin to pick up notes of cranberry-like acidity that compliments the sweetness very well. The cup is then rounded out with a toffee-like bitterness (if you could call it that) that gives this cup a relatively narrow range in the “dynamic” scale, but a delicious sweetness that can’t be beaten.

Ecuador Terrazas del Pisque Natural Gold Label:

This natural process features a very deep, smooth sweetness that comes together in a perfectly balanced, incredibly clean cup. The touches of acidity are bridged by a super consistent buttery fruitiness reminiscent of that of a fig or plum. The boldness of cocoa powder also sits in the back end of the cup, adding an extra layer of depth to an already delicious profile.

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