Meet the Team

Sagebrush Coffee is a small roastery and green bean warehouse with a lot of help. What's missing from this list are countless hours of friends giving advice and support and buying those bags of coffee when we weren't really a business but thought we were.  This business is run by the people below, but it exists because of the selfless contribution of many unnamed friends and family members that just keep giving of their time to help us grow.

Jonathan Kellso

Media Development / Backup Roaster

Jonathan, Matt’s son, has been a part of Sagebrush since the beginning. He has always been very driven creatively, dedicating the majority of his time to musical production, graphic design, photography, fashion design, branding identity development, digital art, painting, and so much more. He has applied these skills towards developing his own clothing brand (Ninth&J) and is working towards a presence in the local Phoenix music scene under the moniker “Candy Soup.

Jonathan has honed in his craft for Sagebrush’s benefit. He is the head of media development and is responsible for both Sagebrush and Hackberry’s branding, packaging (labels, bags, notecards, etc.), videography, and their photography and web development. On a Friday night, you can catch Jonathan working with friends producing funny videos and making music.

 If you want to see some more of his work, check out these instagrams!




Sarah Young

Shop Manager / Head Roaster

Sarah joined the team in October of 2019 as our Production Lead is now our Head Roaster as well. She was born in Torrance California but moved to the valley when she was 3. She lives in Gilbert and loves it. She has worked with kids in some capacity for many years and is also a certified nail technician. Coffee is a constant companion and drinking it is one of her favorite hobbies. Now getting to work for a coffee roasting company, has all her dreams coming true. If she isn’t drinking coffee, she loves to spend time with her friends, read books or do anything that involves Disney. 

Hailey Manning

Tea Production Lead 

Hailey joined the Sagebrush Team in the summer of 2020 and now serves as tea production lead. She originally had Zoe as a dance teacher when she was younger and now is on pom at Highland High School. She has lived in Gilbert her entire life, but loves to travel and see new places! She is currently a junior in school and splits her free time between pom, cheering at football games, working at sagebrush, and volunteering at a nonprofit pediatric clinic for speech therapy! She loves working at Sagebrush and is super happy with her first job, and of course she loves coffee as well! 

Noah Kellso

Roasting Assistant

Noah is also Matt's son and has always been quick to contribute to operations at Sagebrush. Whether it's been an extra few hours at night to keep up with the busy season, or to simply help bring in a new shipment of coffee burlap bags, he has always been there to help in times of desperate need. But just recently, Noah began a more formal schedule here in the Sagebrush shop, and has quickly worked his way up to roasting assistant, helping fulfill orders in the weekend as well as throughout the week. In his freetime, you can find Noah playing video games or passing the time watching Youtube.

Zoë Maiden 

Office Manager (from home)

Zoë joined the Sagebrush team in 2016 as our first official employee.  She started as the lead packager and shop manager, but really she just did everything while I went to work my day job.  As the business grew, so did that job and we were scared to death when she took a maternity leave in 2019.  After having her first child in 2019, she began working from home as our office manager and is doing a great job behind the scenes. Before working at Sagebrush, Zoë received her bachelor’s in dance education and spent most of her time performing and teaching. She is an Arizona Native and currently resides in Gilbert with her husband Seth, baby boy Zander, and her dog Winston. When she’s not completing Sagebrush tasks, Zoë enjoys discovering new restaurants and coffee shops, traveling, interior design, and spending quality time with family and friends.