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Sagebrush Unroasted


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Meet the Kellso Family

When you think about a family business, a lot of things could come to mind.  Technically, Walmart is a family business, or was one for many years. I have seen the phrase used as a marketing ploy for a company that has grown beyond the family, but people like to hear family owned and operated, so businesses jump on the bandwagon. I also know, on the other hand, many family businesses where the entire family pitches in to make a business successful because everyone loves each other and has a passion for their role within the company. I think and hope that's where Sagebrush falls.

We started our company with my wife, Jenna, and myself working nights and roasting coffee in our small home kitchen on Sagebrush Court. We moved, grew into a garage space, then into a spare room, then to our first out-of-home location on Chandler Heights, and finally to our current location on Warner Road. My mom and sister started coming in on weekends to help, until I finally hired my sister Zoë as a full-time employee.