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Seeds of Sagebrush

It’s difficult to write a history of Sagebrush Unroasted page, without talking about the owner Matt Kellso and the earliest stages of his love for coffee. When Matt was young, like climb to reach the top shelf young, he used to steal coffee beans from that pantry and eat them like candy. That may have been the birthplace of Sagebrush Coffee. Or maybe it was when a few years later a small independent espresso bar opened up next to the baseball card store that he frequented. There were many days for Matt that included delivering papers in the morning, then riding to the espresso store for a latte and then next door to the baseball card shop to spend the remainder of his paper route money. That was definitely the start of something.

Several years went by. Matt went on to become an engineer that drank a lot of coffee. He was a daily regular at the local coffee shop, in fact, many days he would schedule midday meetings there instead of at the office. On vacations, Matt and his wife Jenna would talk about opening a coffee shop in whatever small town they would visit, but it never really went beyond that.

One fateful day on one of those vacations the true seeds for Sagebrush Coffee were planted. In 2009 in Portland Oregon, Matt tried his first cup of third wave fresh-roasted coffee. The complexity and depth of flavors turned a lifelong love of coffee into a personal passion. As soon as Matt got home, he made it his mission to recreate those flavors. He tried local Arizona based coffee roasters and they just didn’t compare. So he began roasting his own coffee in small batches on his kitchen stove, learning the art and science of roasting coffee through study and hands-on experience (and an obsession that borders on problematic). As his experience and ability grew, Matt graduated to more advanced roasting styles (the whirly pop popcorn popper has long since retired). Around the end of 2011, Matt began seeking out ways to bring his coffee to the public. Thus, Sagebrush Coffee was born.  Rather than opening a shop, he aimed to put his fresh roasted coffee online and market it to anyone that is seeking a better cup of coffee.

Welcome to Sagebrush Unroasted!

We started as an online coffee roaster and that still is the heartbeat of Sagebrush Coffee, however Matt hasn't lost his passion for the home roaster.  We continually seek the best coffee sources and educate the home roaster, all the while providing exemplary customer service. As much as we love coffee, our passion now is putting on display the hard work of coffee producers.

You are our bottom line, and we won’t be happy until you are drinking the perfect cup of coffee while reflecting on a pleasant purchasing experience.