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Edier Perdomo Farms • Experimental Washed Pink Bourbon

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Recommended Roast Level

City (Light)

Tasting Notes

Bakers Chocolate - This coffee has a wonderful complexity which is delicious, but makes it difficult to encapsulate what exactly the notes we want to feature are. Bakers chocolate describes a toned bittersweetness that sits in the backend of the profile.

- Sweet, bright sugars are throughout the entire cup. Without an overwhelming acidity, we felt strawberry helpfully described the profile we were getting here.

- Lemongrass has a delicate but aromatic nature to it. There are a lot of floral notes in this coffee, due to it being a pink bourbon variety, and we wanted to put that into the spotlight in this coffee.


Edier Perdoma Farms Coffee Production

Producer Edier Perdomo is an amazing person, not only when it comes to coffee but in every aspect! He works in Pitalito alongside Cesar, the professor who developed the Pink Bourbon Creation project. Edier has been involved in coffee since the beginning. He initiated his own project in Vereda Chillurco in 2014 and has since developed approximately 8 different coffee varieties, including Gesha, Java, Laurina, Yellow Bourbon, and others. In 2018, he shifted his focus to coffee processing, aiming to revolutionize the coffee processing industry in Huila, which has resulted in amazing outcomes. This lot represents consistency, discipline, and always approaching everything with a smile!

Introducing the Pink Bourbon, known for its robust fermentation process. The beans undergo a 24-hour pre-fermentation in cherry, which kickstarts the flavor development. Following this, a 36-hour aerobic fermentation occurs in bags, nestled in mucilage blankets. Finally, the beans rest on raised beds under the sun for about 15 days. This meticulous process guarantees a tropical getaway for your taste buds – sun-soaked and bursting with flavor!


Recommended Roast Level: City (Light)
Processing: Experimental Washed Process (Wet Process)
Region: South America
Flavor Notes: Bakers Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemongrass
Body: Complex
Classification: Gold Label
Recommended Brew Methods: Drip, Chemex, Pour Over
Country Region: Huila
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm: Various Farms* (Los Pinos, La Primavera)
Producer: Edier Perdomo
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Altitude: 1800m
Edier Perdomo Farms • Experimental Washed Pink Bourbon
Edier Perdomo Farms • Experimental Washed Pink Bourbon Sale price$10.44