Welcome To Our New Website (A Message from Sagebrush's Owner)


5 years ago we started Sagebrush Coffee.  I was a home roaster that had let my obsession with coffee beans get a little too big.  So I decided to start a roasting company.  I had no idea then what Sagebrush would be now.  We've grown out of the garage into a shop.  We've gone from me working nights while continuing my day job as an Engineer and Marketing executive at a large appliance retailer to several employees and a small coffee shop/roastery in Ocotillo Arizona.

So now, I finally have Sagebrush large enough that I can sell our coffee beans to other home roasters.  My passion is roasting coffee at home.  I'm excited to launch this site and start building out a roasting education section.  But for now, check out some of the coffees that I've used to make Sagebrush Coffee great and hope you can recreate those same great flavors at home.

Email me if you need anything at all.


Sagebrush Coffee / Sagebrush Unroasted / Hackberry Tea - Owner


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