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Article: Learn to Roast on Our Favorite Home Air Roaster!

Coffee Roasting

Learn to Roast on Our Favorite Home Air Roaster!

     Fresh Roast offers a variety of roasters. Let's review the manual features of the SR700. I need to make you aware that the SR700 is a discontinued product, but the manual roasting process is the same for the SR700 and the SR540. The SR540 is still available. The SR800 is a newer model with the capability of roasting bigger batches. Hopefully, we will be able to demonstrate the SR800 soon.


Components of the SR700

     The SR700 contains a chaff tray, canister, and control panel. As I was preparing for the demonstration, I accidentally dropped the canister and broke it. It's great to know that you can purchase replacement parts if a similar event happens to you.

     The control panel provides fan speeds between one and nine, a timer, different heat levels indicated by the Mode, and a Run/Cool button. As you can probably see, it makes the roasting process very simple. With few buttons, you have a lot of options. The ability to adjust heat and fan speed makes it possible for you to roast a wide range of coffee profiles.

My Coffee Profile

     I enjoy a bit of a darker roast, which is why I choose to roast at home. I can roast the coffee to the profile I prefer. I like a more robust and bold flavor but not as bold as a traditional Italian or French roast. As I troubleshot through the different options, I found that I got to my ideal roast with a fan speed at five, high heat, for 6 minutes. I discovered that what made the most significant difference was the fan speed. I tried a lower heat level with a faster fan, and I wouldn't say I liked the results, but when I lowered the fan speed, I got closer and closer to my preferred roast. I even burned a batch with low heat and fast fan speed.

How Does it Compare with a Behmor?

     I have used a Behmor for years and haven't ventured out to find new roasters. The SR700 was a new experience for me because I have always used a drum roaster. The SR700 is an air roaster. 

So how do they compare?


Fresh Roast SR700


Easy to use

It is very easy to use.

The learning curve is higher, but once you get the hang of it's easy to use.

Roasting time

Since batches are smaller, the roast time may be shorter. The shorter roasting time is ideal when I am in a hurry.

Depending on the size of the batch, roasting time may vary. Bigger batches take longer. I like being able to roast larger batches at a time.

Smoke level

No visible smoke. I relied on the crack, smell, and color of the roast.

It produces considerable smoke even though it is equipped with smoke suppression technology. I use the smoke as an indicator of the stage of the roast. I find the smoke helpful when roasting.

Batch size

No more than ¼ pound of roasted coffee.

Up to about one pound at a time of roasted coffee. I have never tried more than a pound.

Flavor of coffee

The flavor was just what I like.

The flavor was just what I like.


     My final assessment of comparing both roasters is that I like them both for different reasons. I may have to buy an SR540 or maybe an SR800, but I will most likely continue using the Behmor. How will I choose what roaster to use? I’ll choose based on how much time I have that day and how much coffee I need.


  • Refer to the user guide for more details.
  • Stay close to your roaster during the entire roasting cycle.
  • Clean out the chaff compartment after each time you roast.
  • Allow cooling cycles to finish.
  • Wait for the recommended time in between batches. See user guide for details.
  • Do not fill with unroasted coffee past the line on the canister.

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