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Article: 2021 Holiday Shipping Schedule

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2021 Holiday Shipping Schedule

The Christmas Season is Approaching Quickly

It's that time of year once again. Last Christmas season we were so thankful to have extra help, and we were still buried. We worked around the clock to get orders out, and I'm not sure how we survived it. Every year we have had to close our last shipping day a few days early to support the demand. I feel like this year will be different, but we will see.

This process will work on a first-come, first-serve basis, so get your order in soon. If previous years are any indication, we'll have to put up a note on the website that says we can no longer guarantee Christmas delivery, and I would hate to do that to you all.

Carrier Recommended Shipping "Order By" Dates

Friday 12/17 USPS Priority Suggested
Tuesday 12/21 UPS / FedEx Priority Suggested
Wednesday 12/22 Probably Too Late Unless You Live in AZ

But what do we think?

USPS Priority Fri:

I actually think this one is pretty reasonable.  About 60% of USPS priority shipments get to the customers in 3 days and more than 90% get there within 5.  If we're shipping these orders on the 18th, they should get to you within a week.

UPS / FedEx Priority Suggested


I may be naive, but I have some optimism for the carriers in that final week.  Last year we had 99.5% of our shipments get to the customer in time for Christmas.  They understand the Christmas deadline and seem to make it work that last week.

AZ to AZ delivery Wed:

I think we're going to close on Christmas Eve this year, which means, you'll need to order by Wednesday night for us to include it in the batch on the 23rd.  Next day to AZ works most of the time.

All of this said, don't wait.  We really don't know what to expect and do not guarantee any of these dates.  The only thing that I can control and do guarantee is that we'll ship it the day after you order it (many times the same day).  So order now and we'll get it in the mail as fast as possible.

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