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Worldwide • Sampler 3 Pack

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How do you shop for coffee beans? Do you think about the roast? Are you partial towards a certain region? Do you like coffee with nutty undertones and avoid citrusy ones? Origin influences coffee flavor more than any other part of the coffee process. This is why we take such pride in our sourcing of amazing coffees. Now, you can sample coffee beans from three different regions: Central America, South America, and Africa. Taste the nuances and characteristics of each origin and discover a new favorite! 

Coffees Included

Koke Washing Station | Honey Heirloom Varieties from Ethiopia (Africa):

blueberry - This coffee tastes just like blueberries. We pick up an extremely fruity sweetness that is frankly delicious.

grape - Much like blueberry, grape conveys that fruity sweetness in another way. A touch of developed sugar adds to that bright and juicy fruitiness. 

green tea - Green tea gives a nuanced floral essence with an herbal twist. Those are the descriptors we tried to pull out with that note. 

Bella Luz | Washed Caturra Best Cup Auction from Colombia (South America):

mandarin - This coffee is extremely smooth and especially sweet. This is the major characteristic of this coffee’s flavor profile, so we felt the need to implicitly communicate that in every note that we had. Although there is a touch of citric acidity in the cup, there was nothing in the profile that stood out as particularly sour, so we went with the least acidic citrus fruit there is. 

chocolate ganache - This coffee isn’t incredibly chocolate forward, nothing like the profile you’d get from a Guatemalan coffee, but its cocoa notes are so smooth and sit perfectly on the palate that we thought we’d feature that as a note. 

grape juice - Sweet sweet smooth. Again, this note stands as a way to convey a particularly subtle fruited acidity that’s primarily driven by the smoothness of the cup.

La Guatusa | Honey Catuai from Costa Rica (Central America):

milk chocolate - This coffee has a very unique complexity with a lot of smoothness. Milk chocolate is a smooth, sweet, slightly bitter note that we felt encapsulates this idea well.

jam - Jam has sweet, thick, and slightly tart properties. We chose this note because this coffee has a touch of just about everything.

tonic - In the same way tonic has a bitter-forward nuance, we pick that up in this coffee’s cup as well. Overall, this coffee is a dynamic source of a lot of notes that can be played with  depending on the brew method.

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Worldwide • Sampler 3 Pack
Worldwide • Sampler 3 Pack Sale price$36.67 Regular price$40.77