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How do you shop for coffee beans? Do you think about the roast? Are you partial towards a certain region? Do you like coffee with nutty undertones and avoid citrusy ones? Origin influences coffee flavor more than any other part of the coffee process. This is why we take such pride in our sourcing of amazing coffees. Now, you can sample coffee beans from three different regions: Central America, South America, and Africa. Taste the nuances and characteristics of each origin and discover a new favorite! 

Coffees Included: 

Ethiopia Guji Sewda Anaerobic Natural Black Label (Africa):

This anaerobic natural process from Sewda packs an intense fermented punch with loads of fruity acidity. Touches of camomile florals alongside the smooth sweetness of dragonfruit are pulled together with the tangy and sweet note of strawberry jelly. Overall an incredible cup with unique punches of just about any fruit you can name with a fermented foundation (We didn’t think directly advertising the fact we got a fermented note of greek yogurt was the best business decision, but that’s there as well haha!).

*Learn more about the anaerobic fermentation process in our coffee process breakdown on our roasted coffee site.

Guatemala Punta Del Cerro Gold Label (Central America):

This coffee holds a special place in my heart because the Villatoro family has been providing us with my favorite Guatemalan coffee for years. We blind-cupped a few tables of coffee one day in Guatemala, and my notes for this one said, "Perfect coffee, BUY!" When the origin was revealed, I was so excited to see it come from Finca La Esperanza.

This has been my go-to morning cup of coffee since we started roasting samples of it. It is authentically Guatemalan in its rich chocolate flavor but has a complexity that I wouldn't expect. It has a tart acidity that comes across almost like lemon, but I don't want to steer you wrong with that description. It is not exactly lemony, but more like a sweet lemon curd. It also has smooth almond undertones that aren’t exactly almond either, so we said almond wafer.

Peru Cajamarca Rony Lavan (South America):

This coffee boasts a classic flavor profile with unmatched consistency. It isn’t the most dynamic cup you’ll ever taste, but that makes it a perfect brew for immersion methods (cold brew, French press, moka) which tend to accentuate the smooth bold profiles of coffees. The nuttiness and bold sweetness stand prominent above it all with a relatively consistent profile throughout.

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