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Best of Summer | Limited Sampler 3-Pack

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It has been an incredible season of summer launches and we have discovered many new favorites. There were three beans that we felt deserved an extra moment to shine, hence this limited-time bundle. Two of the coffees we chose come from highly underrated countries (Peru and Papua New Guinea) and the third comes from our beloved Altieri Farm in Panama. All three beans offer an array of unique flavors and characteristics that we simply cannot get enough of. Buy quickly as this bundle will only be around for the final month of summer.

Coffees Included: 

Panama Altieri Natural Caturra ASD Gold Label:

The Altieri farm has been a direct relationship we have had for many years now, and every lot we have received from them has been incredibly consistent. A very pleasant sweetness and smoothness sit atop this true-to-Panama profile. Dashes of blueberry sugar and light touches of tea-like notes are present. Overall, this coffee is not going to be your crazy profile with extremely direct notes for the untrained palate; its beauty is in its consistency, and oftentimes, that consistency is the prime factor of a daily driver.

Papua New Guinea Kindeng Mill Natural Gold Label:

The Kagamuga Dry Mill in Papua New Guinea provided us one of our favorite coffees of the year (or at least the most underrated) last harvest season, so you know we had to hop on the opportunity to buy from this year’s crop. This lot provides the same delicious sweetness, with a touch less citric acidity. In the cup we get a very balanced high-flavor fruitiness and a lot of touches of fermented tea-like notes.

Peru Cajamarca Rony Lavan:

This coffee boasts a classic flavor profile with unmatched consistency. It isn’t the most dynamic cup you’ll ever taste, but that makes it a perfect brew for immersion methods (cold brew, French press, moka) which tend to accentuate the smooth bold profiles of coffees. The fruited-floral notes and bold sweetness stand prominent above it all with a relatively consistent profile throughout.

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