Peru San Ignacio Swiss Water Process Decaf | Green Coffee Beans

Peru San Ignacio Swiss Water Process Decaf | Green Coffee Beans

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Recommended Roast Level:

 Full City (Medium)

Tasting Notes:

I've been struggling to find decafs that meet our standard during the 2nd half of this year. I was worried about this coffee until we roasted a sample and cupped it in our shop. It was one of the most smooth and sweet decafs we've had in the shop ever. I now feel like I ordered too little of this one.

As you take your first sip, you'll swear there is a rich stone fruit in there. We identified this as dried apricot. You then let it cool in your mouth and it finishes with sweet toffee. As you take a second and third sip, you start to notice the complexity of a fresh-roasted almond in the cup. This is truly a pleasant evening cup of coffee.

Various Smallholder Farms Coffee Production: 

Not a lot is known about the producers of this coffee.  We believe it is a blend of several small farms in the San Igancio region, but that doesn't really narrow things down.  This is the case sometimes with SWP coffees.  Sometimes you get what you can and hope for the best.  This coffee fits that bill.


Recommended Roast Level: Full City (Medium)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)Swiss Water® Process
Region: South America
Flavor Notes: Dried Apricot, Almond, Toffee
Body: Earthy
Classification Brown Label
Brew Methods: Drip, Pour Over, Chemex
Country Region: San Ignacio
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm: Various Smallholder Farms
Producer: Various Smallholder Farms
Varietal: Blend
Altitude: 1900m

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