Guatemalan Cupping Table | Sampler 2-Pack
Guatemalan Cupping Table | Sampler 2-Pack
Guatemalan Cupping Table | Sampler 2-Pack

Guatemalan Cupping Table | Sampler 2-Pack

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Our trip to Guatemala last spring brought about several life-changing experiences.  One of the highlights was an evening with the Villatoros.  We walked into their warehouse and upstairs to the cupping room and saw a spread of coffees.  It was every roaster's dream—a chance to sample some of the best coffees that Guatemala has to offer all in one evening.  We were there into the evening and took notes on something like 30 different standout choices.  I didn't expect to walk away from that table with anything we'd end up bringing to Sagebrush this year.  Just a chance to learn more about the nuance of different coffee from a single origin.  However, my notes on two of the coffees were "perfect" & "would make the best cold brew".  Fast forward several months and we have the coffees landed in the shop and roasted on our roaster with our profiles and they're cupping better than I expected.  Guatemala Guayabeles (cold brew) and the newly launched Punta Del Cerro (perfect) are going to be flagship coffees here at Sagebrush for the next several months, so grab this bundle today and get experience what I did in March.

Coffees Included: 

Guatemala Guayabales Gold Label:

This Guatemalan coffee is an incredibly sweet nod to a traditional Guatemalan flavor profile with bits and pieces of unique acidity. First and foremost, you get an overwhelming milk chocolatey sweetness that coats your palate in the best way. Quickly afterward, you begin to pick up notes of cranberry-like acidity that compliments the sweetness very well. The cup is then rounded out with a toffee-like bitterness (if you could call it that) that gives this cup a relatively narrow range in the “dynamic” scale, but a delicious sweetness that can’t be beaten.

Guatemala Punta Del Cerro Gold Label:

This coffee holds a special place in my heart because the Villatoro family has been providing us with my favorite Guatemalan coffee for years. We blind-cupped a few tables of coffee one day in Guatemala, and my notes for this one said, "perfect coffee, BUY!" When the origin was revealed, I was so excited to see it come from Finca La Esperanza.

This has been my go-to morning cup of coffee since we started roasting samples of it. It is authentically Guatemalan in its rich chocolate flavor but has a complexity that I wouldn't expect. It has a tart acidity that comes across almost like lemon, but I don't want to steer you wrong with that description. It is not exactly lemony, but more like a sweet lemon curd. It also has smooth almond undertones that aren’t exactly almond either, so we said almond wafer.

I bought an entire lot of this coffee, so we hope to have it for a while. I expect it to be a go-to coffee for many of you like it has been for me.

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