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Guatemala Bella Vista COE Diamond Reserve | Green Coffee Beans


Recommended Roast Level

City (Light)

Tasting Notes

It was exciting to get a portion of the Cup of Excellence lot from Bella Vista since we had just recently featured a different lot of their coffee. That black label pushed the threshold of a traditional Guatemalan coffee, so we were extremely excited to see how Bella Vista would treat a Gesha bean. We were not disappointed in the slightest. The way this coffee balances delicacy with complexity is mind-blowing.

Notes of fruited bitterness from cacao nibs alongside a perfect sweetness of pear or plum make this cup a pleasure to sip. Taking a step back on the palate helps display the underlying aromatics of white tea. The best parts of a traditional Guatemalan flavor profile come together with the best parts of a Gesha bean.

Bella Vista Production

Arcenio Castillo started to help his father, Felino Castillo, grow and process coffee when he was just 10 years old. When he was 18, his father gave him a small plot of coffee which he cultivated for several years. His dream was to expand his small plot and, years later, his dream has come true.

That dream of his has a name and it's called Bella Vista Farm. Together Arcenio, his wife, Rosa Lopez, and their three children have dedicated hard work to the farm which is shown in the quality of their delicious beans.


Recommended Roast Level: City (Light)
Processing: Natural (Dry Process)
Region: Central America
Flavor Notes: cacao nibs • pear • silver needle tea
Body: complex • juicy
Classification: Black Label • Diamond Reserve
Recommended Brew Methods: V60 Pour Over, Chemex
Country Region: Huehuetenango
Certification: Cup of Excellence Auction
Farm: Bella Vista
Producer: Arcenio Castillo
Varietal: Gesha
Altitude: 1676m

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