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Colombia Inza Las Estrellas Gold Label | Green Coffee Beans


Recommended Roast Level:

Full City (Medium)

Tasting Notes:

It has been a while since we last had a washed Colombian on the site, and even longer for a washed Gold Label. We took our time because we wanted to find one that stood out from the rest, and this Colombian bean did just that. Fruit and sugar in the raw come together to create a complex and silky brew. A heavy-bodied coffee with notes of Honeycrisp apple, cranberries, and a honeyed sweetness in the finish. We love the complex and rich taste of this bean and recommend roasting it medium to draw out the fruited and almost caramelized notes and aromas.

Las Estrellas Coffee Production:

"Las Estrellas", is a name we use for a regional blend of high-scoring coffees from Inzá, Cauca. This season's Las Estrellas is made up of 3 different coffee farms, 2 of which are from Vereda San Antonio, the other from the neighboring village ("vereda") Belen. We see a similar trend of cultivar planting and processing techniques in this region. Most of the farms are less than 2 hectares in size, Caturra heavily represented, with Variedad Colombia and Typica mixed in. The majority of coffee production is performed using depulpers powered by small gas motors or by hand crank, then fermented overnight, and finally drying in covered drying rooms ("parabolicos"). The latter helps protect the unstable, wet parchment from the elements, and ventilation facilitates good airflow and even drying. Altitude on the low end is about 1500 meters and tops out closer to 2000. We used to purchase our coffee through a local cooperative in Inzá. One of the key players at the local coop we used to buy from ventured out on their own and has built out a buying operation adjacent to his home in the village of San Antonio, Inzá. He and his family have invested their own money in erecting a warehouse where they can buy and store coffee and a state-of-the-art coffee lab for processing farm samples, cupping, and training exercises for those interested.


Recommended Roast Level: Full City (Medium)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Region: South America
Flavor Notes: Honeycrisp Apple, Cranberries, Sugar in the Raw
Body: Complex, Juicy
Classification: Gold Label
Recommended Brew Methods: Espresso, Drip, Pour Over
Country Region: San Antonio, Inzá, Cauca
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm: Las Estrellas Estate
Producer: 3 Producers Delivering to Las Estrella
Varietal: Caturra Types, Typica Types, Modern Hybrids
Altitude: 1500–2000m

Since our inception, fast free shipping has been one of our tenants as a company.  So it took a long time for me to come to a decision to eliminate the free portion of that sentence.  I know we all want free, so taking that away is putting a lot of trust in you guys to be able to understand my reasoning and trust my math.  I'm going to list a few reasons I moved away from the free shipping model all-together below.  I'd love to hear from you if you think this is a bad decision or if you appreciate me putting the shipping cost decisions in your hands.


Free is Never Really Free

Full disclosure, free shipping isn't really free shipping.  I am paying to ship you your coffee, so you're either paying for it buried in the price of the coffee beans or at the end at checkout.  I think the psychology of free shipping is that you don't end up at the checkout and find out that you need to spend another 30% to get your items.  That's a very real thing and I hope to have a simple pricing model to help you avoid that sticker shock.  Before I get there, let me tell you what I used to do.  It used to cost me about $9.00 to ship 5lbs of coffee (USPS just raised their prices...again).  So what I did was add $1.80 to each pound as I calculated the selling price.  I then had $5 shipping for under $35 orders to try to drive the customer (you) to buy about 5lbs of coffee and make the math work.

There have been several flaws with this model.  First off, it made the cost per lb look like we're WAY more expensive than other green coffee resellers in the market.  Second, it really stops working when someone orders less than 5lbs and more than 5lbs, because the cost to ship 5lbs-30lbs per pound is much less than $1.80/lb.  So it kind of narrowed our market.  Third, we have recently been able to negotiate even better rates with FedEx and blown up the $1.80/lb model.  We can now do a 2-day Padded Pak at an amazing rate and fit 10lbs in it.  The irony of a free shipping model is that it is less transparent.  If I'm going to be completely transparent with my cost model, then you'll recognize a good deal when you see it and we're all happier.  Transparency makes the whole sales process work better.

So we now include our pricing without shipping and add it on at the end.  To help you optimize your buying experience our shipping pricing is listed below.

Due to recent price adjustments from USPS & FedEx prices were updated 5/6/2022


USPS Priority = $9.00

Fedex 2 day (No Sat / Sun) = $11.00

Or as little as $1.80/lb


USPS Priority = $18.00

Fedex 2 day (No Sat / Sun) = $11.00

Or as little as $1.10/lb


USPS Priority = $27.00

Fedex 2 day (No Sat / Sun) = $22.00

Or as little as $1.47/lb


USPS Priority = $36.00

Fedex 2 day (No Sat / Sun) = $22.00

Or as little as $1.10/lb


USPS Priority = $45.00

Fedex 2 day (No Sat / Sun) = $33.00

Or as little as $1.32/lb


USPS Priority = $54.00

Fedex 2 day (No Sat / Sun) = $33.00

Or as little as $1.10/lb


USPS Priority = $63.00

Fedex 2 day (No Sat / Sun) = $44.00

Or as little as $1.26/lb


USPS Priority = $72.00

Fedex 2 day (No Sat / Sun) = $44.00

Or as little as $1.10/lb


USPS Priority = $81.00

Fedex 2 day (No Sat / Sun) = $55.00

Or as little as $1.22/lb


USPS Priority = $90.00

Fedex 2 day (No Sat / Sun) = $55.00

Or as little as $1.10/lb


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