Timor Daurfusu Natural Black Label | Green Coffee Beans

Timor Daurfusu Natural Black Label | Green Coffee Beans

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Recommended Roast Level

Full City Plus (Dark)

Tasting Notes

Sometimes, a coffee doesn’t need to be the world’s most dynamic bean to be an incredible cup. This Timor lives that principle out to the fullest. With subtle notes of cocoa, cinnamon, and blueberry, this bean sits on the palate super comfortably without much deviation from that core flavor profile. The smoothness in the body is so prevalent and makes for a cup able to be enjoyed as a special occasion or in a pinch.

Daurfusu Mill Coffee Production

The Daurfusu wet mill is located in Dukurai village, Letefoho District. Initially comprised of 37 members in Dukurai, the operation has cast a wider net this year and is buying coffee from neighboring high altitude zones as well. Farmers in this area are growing a mix of cultivars, mostly Timor Hybrid and Typica, at altitudes of 1400 to 1600 meters above sea level. This is a dry process coffee, meaning the whole coffee cherry is laid to dry without any removal of the fruit. The dry times are quite long with all that wet, organic mass, usually upwards of 3-4 weeks time. The fermentation that occurs inside the cherry often leads to a fruity cup profile, bigger body, and muted acidity. The results can be wildly different than a wet processed batch from the same farm or station, and in this case, we have a correlate from Daurfusu to compare with! It's a unique opportunity to taste just how profound an impact processing can have on the final cup profile.


Recommended Roast Level: Full City Plus (Medium)
Processing: Natural (Dry Process)
Region: Asia
Flavor Notes: Cocoa, Cinnamon, Blueberry
Body: Complex, Earthy
Classification: Black Label
Recommended Brew Methods: Drip, French Press, Espresso
Country Region: Dukarai
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm: Daurfusu Mill
Producer: Daurfusu Mill
Varietal: Timor Hybrid
Altitude: 1000m

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