Our New Black Label Strategy

For our coffee offerings, we sort every bean we release into one of 3 categories: Brown Label, Gold Label, or Black Label. This not only helps in establishing a designated price range for our customers for an easier shopping experience, but it also gives us wiggling room to offer a healthy mix of coffees for any coffee lover. For those who love finely roasted single-origin beans, but don’t want to drain the budget, we have our Brown Label offerings. For those who seek excellence in coffee but prefer to completely break the bank, we have our Gold Labels. And for those who are obsessed with coffee and love trying the absolute best beans we can find, we have our Black Labels. Any Sagebrush regular is probably familiar with this classification system, but this year we’re looking at going at this system a little bit differently, especially in the realm of our Black Label offerings.

Black Labels have always been the top tier class in Sagebrush, and that absolutely isn’t going away. In fact, that’s exactly what we’re going to be leaning into. In the past, we’ve avoided hyper-limited crops of coffee simply because it wasn’t a feasible option. We felt like only having a coffee available for a few weeks at a time didn’t cater to the Sagebrush customer who enjoys having the same coffee day in and day out, but it has become more apparent that our customers love trying new beans. Each and every coffee launch from last year was well-received with many people grabbing themselves a bag to try.

As we strategized for revamping marketing strategies, the idea of hyper-limited coffees with incredible flavor profiles and limited availability was very enticing to us, and this is where we felt would be the best place to fully lean into. Black Labels are valued for not only their quality, but their rarity. So, if we stop overthinking about quantities and just went after the best coffees period, then you as a Black Label customer will only benefit. The person getting a Black Label is going to go after any opportunity to try something new, so why not fulfill that desire? And if it’s a superb cup of coffee, then why should turnover be a factor? The beauty of specialty coffee is in the variety of crops and expansive selection of delicious beans, so to have more of these coffees at a faster turnover rate will only benefit the specialty coffee lover. Not to mention our connections to the coffee world are strong enough where we now can cater to this mentality even more than we already are, and this shift, we feel, is a great move to make for black label coffees from this point on.

So, what will this look like? Black Label coffees will now be on a set schedule for a release time of Saturday at 7am MST every three weeks. Each drop will feature a coffee of limited quantity (some will be rarer than others) and when they sell out, they’re gone for good.

We're excited to roll out this new program here at Sagebrush, make sure to shop our black label collection now!

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